Ways to Clean Your Window at Home

Cleaning your windows is a common job that most people hate mainly because you have to face with dripping water, dirt, wads of paper towel, and annoying streaks.  It is true that there are many methods and strategies on how to clean your windows at home and it is quite tricky which one is the most effective.  


However, if in doubt, it is best to seek professional service. Thankfully, there are many companies that offer professional services such as Riverside House Cleaning Agents that provides high-quality work and guarantees customer satisfaction. 

Well, if you think that you are capable enough to do the work, then here are some ways that can help you in doing the task. 

    Clean Stubborn Stains 

Windows outside are home are exposed to hard water runoff, bird droppings, minerals, and elements that can take on grime and dirt making it prone to stubborn stains. You can use a mineral deposit removing cleaner to rub the stains in the window before you proceed with the regular cleaning. Click here to know more about removing tough stains. 

    Remove Stickers and Decals 

Whether you have children who like to play with stickers or applied decals to your windows, removing the sticky substance might be difficult but all you need is just spray bottle filled with water and scraper having a sharp edge. 

You must spray the stickers and leave it for a few minutes. At a 45 degree angle, hold the scraper against the window and gently apply pressure. Begin below the stickers and shave in an upward manner to remove the underneath stickers, wipe away the water using a towel after. 

    Remove and Clean Screen 

Clean the screens every time you wash the inside and outside windows. It is advisable to do this twice a year. To remove the dust and dirt, remove and vacuum it. Wipe down with warm water mixed with a splash of dish soap or vinegar using a clean sponge or cloth. Keep in mind that before replacing, allow the screens to fully air dry. 

    Rinse Away Dirt and Grime  

Your outside window is exposed to almost all manner of grease, pollutants, dirt, and other materials. Begin the process of cleaning by using a garden hose to wash away the uppermost layer of grime from panes and windows for really dirty ones.  

You can use a lint free cloth and water if you don’t have a hose to wipe away the dirt. Pressure water can also be used but make sure it is on a low setting. 

    Vacuum Inside Windows 

To help prevent dirt from spreading around when you are cleaning, make sure that you get all the frames, windows, and corners.  Lay a big towel before you start cleaning the windows to catch spills. 

    Cleaning Outside and Inside Windows 

You will need the necessary materials to do this work such as sponge, rubber squeegee, clean cloth, a bucket filled with solution, and a large towel. You must first make your cleaning solution.  Plunge the sponge into your cleaning solution and draw out the excess water, wipe down the entire window after. 

    Wipe the Windows Dry 

Wipe the entire area using an absorbent lint free cloth to prevent leaks on the window. To know more about professional house cleaning services, you could visit their website at http://riversidehousecleaningservices.com.  

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